Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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What is Sanitex?

Sanitex is one of the most prospering companies for production of tissue and toilet paper on the Balkan Peninsula.

What products are offered by Sanitex?

Sanitex is a company whose business is focused on recycling and production of various products: toilet paper, napkins, sanitary napkins, household paper, jumbo rolls and others.

Where can I buy products of Sanitex?

Sanitex works with known retailers, distributors, also restaurants and hotels, which are only a small part of our vast and united team.

Where is the company located?

The company is located in the town of Kostinbrod, Bulgaria and occupies an area of 30 000 m².

Can local manufacturers buy finished products?

Sanitex sells its jumbo rolls to local and regional manufacturers of finished products and every year it expands the capacity of its production equipment.

How Sanitex cares for the environment?

Sanitex produces paper by environmentally friendly technologies that do not pollute the air and water. This is often achieved with many effort and considerable investment by manufacturers in this sector. Paper recycling helps reduce the release into the atmosphere of the so called ‘greenhouse gases’.

The history of toilet paper begins in the 2nd century AD – in those days the Chinese made paper of raw silk.
As toilet paper the Vikings used wool, the Romans – sponges tied to sticks, and the first American settlers used corn-cobs with great success.
The first ‘paper toilet paper’ was produced in England in 1880. It was sold in boxes, not in rolls.
During the Operation Desert Storm in 1991 toilet paper was used o disguise tanks.
Mike Bartel proposed the unusual idea to print literary works on toilet paper. According to him, the toilet is ‘the perfect place for reading’. These literary works were presented at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt.

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